Welcome to the Voyage Gaming Network Store!



What do you use the Donations for?


Donations to the Voyage Gaming Network will only be used on stuff related to Voyage Gaming Network. This includes servers, developers, services and supporting mod authors.
As we have already planned our budget for a long time and don't rely on donations to keep the servers running, all donations are on top. This means that all donations can be used to expand the network and implement new features faster and better.


Why should I donate to Voyage Gaming Network?


  1. Donation to us would show us your appreciation for the network and the work we put into. 
  2. Donations help us expand faster and enable us to get more and better features implemented.
  3. You help us pay for the servers. Modded minecraft servers are quite expensive to run and every dollar you donate will only be used on the network and nowhere else. Ever! 



Payment Methods

Disclaimer: We do not offer chargebacks or refunds for our products. Attempting to do so anyway will result in an instant ip-ban and may have consequences when trying to use other server stores in the future.